We Sell Coffee Shops are committed to protecting your privacy and we comply with the data protection laws applicable to Australia. This Privacy Policy outlines how your personal information is treated.

What Information do we collect?

When you request more information from a company that appears on our site, you are asked to fill out registration form. The details submitted in this form will be stored on We Sell Coffee Shops server and you will become a registered user of We Sell Coffee Shops.

How do we use your information?

When you request more information from a business (or similar wording) this allows We Sell Coffee Shops to contact you in order to pursue your interest in that business. We use the information collected from you to improve the service we offer on our website and use aggregated statistics to help businesses improve the effectiveness of their page(s) on our site.

We Sell Coffee Shops have a very strict privacy policy:

  1. We Sell Coffee Shops will never sell your details to any unsolicited third party (only businesses that you actively request more information from will receive your details)
  2. We Sell Coffee Shops will only email you our monthly newsletter if you opt in (by ticking relevant box at time of registration) and only until you decide to opt out by changing your preferences (details of how to do this are in every email sent)
  3. We Sell Coffee Shops will send you about businesses that match your profile if, and only if, you opt to receive such information and only until you decide to opt out.
  4. We Sell Coffee Shops will occasionally send you information about coffee shops and coffee related subjects if, and only if, you opt in to receive such information and only until you decide to opt out.
  5. We Sell Coffee Shops will NEVER SELL YOUR DETAILS to any third party. If a third party wishes to communicate with you via us we will forward the message on to you, thereby never releasing your details from our system and ensuring the maximum possible privacy of your personal information.

We Sell Coffee Shops may use your personal information in aggregate (and therefore anonymously) for market research purposes, to track activity on our site, to publish trends and/or improve usefulness and content.

Just to reiterate – We Sell Coffee Shops will never sell, trade or rent your personal information with any third parties. Compare this to the privacy policy of other business brokerage sites!

We Sell Coffee Shops follow strict procedures in the storage and disclosure of information that you have given us, to prevent unauthorized access to maintain the security and integrity of all data related to We Sell Coffee Shops.

Fees Payable

Fees payable for the sale of your Coffee Shop are structured as follows:

  • Information Kit for potential buyers FREE
  • Confidentiality Agreement FREE
  • Business Application FREE
  • Marketing Campaign FREE
  • Commission 6.0% of the selling price including stock, or $12,000 whichever is the greater, plus GST

We recognize that we are not entitled to any commission until the contract for sale becomes completely unconditional.

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